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Here's what to expect...


HEAL: Self Mastery - 80% Success = Psychology

We will talk about the psychology of success. 80% is psychology and the inner work and shadow work that we do that creates outside results. 20% is strategy, and actually executing on that vision that you create from that 80%, this is called self-mastery.


Take Your Power Back: Neuroscience of Change

We will talk about the neuroscience of change and taking your power back, and how you can change any pattern even when it’s something you’ve done your entire life.


CEO Mindset: Success with Less Stress

We will talk about the CEO mindset, having less stress and more success. You will learn skills like: meditation, mindfulness, stress, resilience and emotional regulation.


Mind & Body Energetic Success Setpoint - Self Doubt Patterns

We will talk about the energetic setpoint of success and that there is an actual science behind your energetic setpoint. We will also talk about our inner critic voice and our self-doubt patterns and how we can change those.


WiseMind Heal Detox Success Method Roadmap

The last of the series is heal detox transform roadmap.

Bonus Days

Live Q&A with WiseMind Founder, Jennie Wise

We will also have guest speakers and yoga over the weekend, Saturday and Sunday. And then into the following Monday and Tuesday, through September the 22nd. We will have two additional bonus masterclasses.

About the host

Jennie Wise is best known for integrating Stress Resilience, Yoga Psychology Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Personal Development Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Medicine Training from Los Angeles, CA with over 4000 clients and students; Founder WiseMind Yoga.Science.Soul ™, WiseMind Method™, and WiseMind Spiritual Warrior World Yoga School E-RYT 500, Master of Health Science (MHS) with a Yoga Psychology Neuroscience, Meditation, Mindfulness Specialty.  

Jennie is known for her authentic, inspiring, safe, healing, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered based philosophy living it both on and off the mat. Jennie seeks to help others live each moment mindfully & to thrive in life by nurturing & connecting to body, mind, and soul & to step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.  

She is inspired to cultivate and teach a sense of self-awareness which leads to behavioral change and transformation. Change begins with a journey starting point of self-awareness, discovery, and inquiry… “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate – Psychologist Carl Jung.”  

The WiseMind HEAL Yoga Journey of 3 Years as a Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga Center Owner working with over 4000 clients and students, as well as a 17-year professional background in Fortune 100 Major Account Management in Software Technology, means Jennie understands first-hand the pressures of the corporate world, owning a small business, entrepreneurship, and the importance of managing that stress. The WiseMind Program Journey began 7 years ago practicing Yoga Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Change, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga as a way to manage daily life, work-related burnout, career transition, and personal stress.